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Coaching - If you are stuck in a rut, at a crossroads, or simply struggling to balance everything in your life, coaching can help you. I will use powerful tools and techniques to allow you to discover your own answers, and find a way forwards. I don't give advice, but help you to re-discover your own goals and desires.

Often, taking the step to make an appointment with me is the key that unlocks solutions in your own mind. Admitting to yourself that you can't handle everything at once, or are bogged down, can liberate your mind to begin finding options, even before we meet!

My clients come to me for help in various areas, including:

Children (from toddler to teenager)
Communication with family and at work
Family issues
Goal setting
Health and body goals
Hobbies and recreation
Marriage and intimacy
Time Keeping
Work life balance

But this isn't an exclusive list, by any means! I have a non-judgemental approach – no problem is too big, too small, or too ‘silly'. If it's an issue in your life, then I will work through it with you.

The theory of coaching is that every human has resources of energy, wisdom, ability and genius, waiting to be tapped into. Freeing the individual to access those resources, and take control over their future and circumstances is the essence of coaching, and it differs from mentoring or counselling in that the answers come from the person themselves, not the professional.

So, call me on 07973 642749 or email me at to set up a free consultation.

FATnosis Weight Loss is the best weight loss programme you'll find, helping you make the mindset change to free yourself from your bad eating habits. A 6-week programme including face-to-face sessions and 24/7 online support, it covers mindset programming, meal planning, and motivation. Straight-talking for real results.

FATnosis is the best weight loss programme you'll find, helping you make the mindset change to free yourself from your bad eating habits.
A 6-week programme including face-to-face sessions and 24/7 online support, it covers mindset programming, meal planning, and motivation. Straight-talking for real results.

This straight-talking, no-nonsense weight-loss programme, with no calorie counting, no strange shakes and no banned foods, just great results.

If the voice in your head tells you you're fat, it's often telling you you're no good, as well. ‘Being fat' can often come with a side order of lack of confidence, which can affect your general mood, your working life, your friendships and relationships, and even your interactions with strangers, leaving you feeling out of control, and miserable.

If this sounds all too familiar, chances are you've tried various different ‘weight-loss solutions', and where these haven't worked, found yourself more miserable, and still fat.

FATnosis is different to every other weight-loss programme in that it works with you, to change your thought patterns. It's not hypnosis, or a personal trainer shouting at you, or pre-packaged calorie-counted meals that taste like nothing much. It's me, working with you, 1-1 to help you lose the weight you don't want.

FATnosis is a programme pioneered by Steve Miller, Weight Loss Master. You may recognise him from Sky TV's Fat Families, or one of his appearances on This Morning, or various radio shows. His programme is based on eating less, eating better, and moving more. It has proven, permanent results, and works well for people who are committed to losing a large amount of weight.

So what happens on the course then?
FATnosis is a 6-week programme, designed to motivate and inspire you. It's all about you getting control back over food.

Together, we will:

• Break bad habits
• Deal with temptations and cravings
• Plan sensible meals
• Help you make a commitment to eating less, eating better, and moving more.

We will also hit excuses on the head. This is a no-cr@p zone – I don't give you any, and you don't give me any either!

You will have:

Six meetings with me, one per week, (Skype works as well as face-to-face). These will give you practical help in dealing with every-day challenges and cravings.

Mindset programming, based on what you want to achieve, to get control over the food you eat, and break bad habits around eating and exercising.

80/20 meal planning. 80% of your food is healthy, and 20% is the food and drink you fancy but know you shouldn't eat much of. We won't ban it – that will only make you want it more – but we'll limit it, with practical strategies.

24/7 text, email and Skype backup, for cravings, motivation, celebrations and SOS's.

So what's next?
I offer a free consultation to discover whether FATnosis is right for you (there are some people for whom it's not the best option), and for you to find out more about the programme. You can ask me anything, and we will discuss what you want to get out of it.
You need to be fully committed to losing weight to make this work. It's no good cheating, or skipping advice you don't like; you have to take responsibility for the success of the programme for yourself. I can't make the weight disappear for you, but I can give you the tools and encouragement to make it happen.
So, call me and set up a free consultation – 07973 642749.

What's different about FATnosis?
FATnosis is a 6 week Motivational Weight Loss Mindset Coaching Programme with proven and permanent results. It's based on motivational sessions, mindset programming, meal planning and 7 day support to help you achieve your weight loss goal safely. It is a no excuses, straight talking programme for people who have large amounts of weight to lose.

What do I have to do to lose weight?
You have to be fully committed, follow the advice and work with me.

What doesn't FATnosis do?
It's no magic bullet - you're the one going to lose the weight, but I'm here to make sure you stay on track, deal with those tricky food / drink situations and keep you motivated to lose weight. It doesn't replace your commitment and it's not going to lose the weight for you but I can teach you how to do that. It's not a nutrition based programme but about you taking responsibility and control.

What other options are available to me if FATnosis is not for me?
FATnosis is not for everyone. There are a number of alternative approaches we can take, using hypnotherapy and coaching where we deal with the underlying issues in your relationship to food and conquer it that way.

Hypnosis - Are there issues in your life that are holding you back? Fear of flying, of speaking in public, or of dentists maybe, or a lack confidence that means you freeze in exams? With one or two sessions of hypnosis, we can often break the hold these issues have over you, setting you free to live your life

Phobias and fears, bad habits, anxiety and lack of confidence, are things that can influence our lives beyond what we know to be ‘sensible', but we often can't do anything about it by ourselves. Often, using hypnotherapy to bring about a mindset change will take away the issue that is causing you to stumble, breaking its hold over you.

Hypnotherapy is different from stage hypnosis. I won't ever humiliate you, or make you do something you don't want to. However, the point of clinical hypnosis is to change how your mind works in a certain area, and therefore change your behaviour, so I will be making you behave differently, but only with your consent.
For more questions about hypnosis, see my FAQs page.

So what's next?

I offer a free consultation to all my clients, to discuss how I can best help you. You can ask me whatever you like. Hypnotherapy sometimes has a bad press, and is often confused with stage hypnosis – please ask me, if you're worried about anything!

Once I've set your mind at rest (I hope), we can discuss how many sessions you might need, and how they will work.

Often one or two sessions are all that is needed, to change your thought patterns, develop new behaviours and move forwards. More complex issues can take longer to resolve.

My clients come to me for help with various subjects, including:

• Bad habits
• Dating confidence
• Dental fears
• Driving test nerves
• Exam nerves
• Flying fears
• Motivation
• Nail biting
• Performance anxiety
• Presentation nerves
• Public speaking
• Relationship issues
• Self-confidence and self-esteem
• Social confidence
• Sports performance
• Weight Management

So, call me on 07973 642749 or email me at and set up a free consultation.

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FATnosis Weight Loss Programme

A 6-week weight loss programme including face-to-face sessions and 24/7 online support, it covers mindset programming, meal planning, and motivation. Straight-talking for real results.

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